Our Strategy

Cells are the "worker bees" of Synthetic Biology. In this context, biological systems can be engineered into nano-scale manufacturing plants, which are then employed in the construction of complex molecular compounds, pharmaceuticals, textiles and even tissue replacements.  

…very often people think of manufacturing as just some rote process of making copies. Which, actually, it isn’t. Manufacturing is building the machine that makes the machine. And if you think the [product] is important, well, building the machine that makes [it] is extremely important…
— Elon Musk, Founder of Tesla and Space X

BiPlastiq dramatically enhances the metabolism of these cells by genetically engineering their mitochondria with Rhodopsin a protein which acts as a sort of sub-cellular solar panel providing cells with instantaneous access to an abundant source of energy. By enhancing these cells, BiPlastiq ultimately enhances the very Biological Systems on which Bio-Fabrication depends.