An Introduction



Located in New York, BiPlastiq is a startup dedicated to developing radical advancements in Synthetic Biology. Our eponymous platform (pronounced Bi-Plastic) genetically engineers cells with artificial photosystems capable of metabolizing the energy of light. Once activated by a proprietary form of light transmission, these engineered cells instantaneously meet their energy demands by engaging in a form of "Artificial Photosynthesis".

BiPlastiq's features exponentially increase the energy production, growth and proliferation of engineered organisms; as a result, our platform is poised to revolutionize a number of nascent applications within Synthetic Biology from Bio-Fabrication to the Therapeutic Cloning of tissues. Imagine a world where bioreactors produce complex molecular products from textiles to pharmaceuticals at an exponentially lower cost; and where regenerative therapeutics (such as tissue replacements) are produced in a hours, healing patients in weeks rather than months. This is the future of Synthetic Biology; and BiPlastiq is the gatekeeper, opening the doors to a new horizon in biotechnological development.