Epigenetic Enhancement


In addition to the previously discussed Optogenetic Enhancements, BiPlastiq has developed a series of utilities for Regenerative Therapeutics, which include Epigenetic Enhancements as well as protocols for Light Transmission. In the following sections, we will discuss each of these components in detail...





Low Level (Laser) Light Therapy

Low Level Laser Light Therapy (or Light Therapy) utilizes particular wavelengths of light to activate mechanisms, within our mitochondria, which protect the ion-pistons responsible for energy production.

Why is this important?

As mentioned earlier, mitochondria are the power plants of our cells; and the Electron Transport Chain  is the central process through which our mitochondria convert fuel into energy. Yet as our metabolic demands intensify, the Electron Transport Chain is constrained by increasing levels of nitric oxide. This nitric oxide binds to Cytochrome c Oxidase  an ion-piston that is critical to energy production. Consequently, the nitric oxide impedes the Cytochrome c Oxidase’s access to oxygen; effectively reducing its output.

Yet remarkably, Cytochrome c Oxidase is also a photoreceptor, which means it is capable of capturing the energy of light. This radiant energy displaces the nitric oxide, quickening Cytochrome c Oxidase’s reactions. Ultimately, this phenomenon speeds metabolism. And as a result, treated cells see an immediate increase in their energy production during exposure to Light Therapy.


Reactive Oxygen Species

In moderate doses, Reactive Oxygen Species promote the expression of genes known to increase cellular plasticity & metabolism

Enhancing cellular metabolism is not merely a matter of increasing energy production. Ensuring the assimilation of this additional energy also entails stimulating increased cellular activity. In furtherance of this, BiPlastiq's platform includes a suite of Epigenetic Enhancements; the cornerstone of which is activated by Light Therapy. 


As oxygen is metabolized by the Electron Transport Chain, a byproduct known as Reactive Oxygen Species is also produced. Hence, as Light Therapy accelerates the Electron Transport Chain, it also thereby increases the presences of these Reactive Oxygen Species. This spike in Reactive Oxygen Species, in turn, promotes the expression of certain genes, which then cause the cells to become more active and resilient for an extended period of time following Light Therapy. In moderate doses, these epigenetic triggers have been observed to dramatically accelerate rates of regeneration.