Mitochondrial Processors driving Biological Applications

Mitochondria are the power plants of cells, driving cellular metabolism and ultimately Bio-Fabrication. As such, re-engineering their performance with Rhodopsin is quite analogous to supercharging a PC with a cutting-edge microprocessor. By upgrading the "processor" of each cell, BiPlastiq has effectively enhanced the speed and efficiency of the entire cell-based platform.

Designed to support a broad portfolio of applications, BiPlastiq's mitochondrion-focused strategy seeks to provide a radically different way of enhancing Biological Systems; where the metabolic enhancement of cells might have versatility amongst various applications in Synthetic Biology. And as the ecosystem for Synthetic Biology continues to evolve, BiPlastiq will emerge as a pivotal utility driving platform development across the entire industry. 

Metabolic Engineering introduces the efficiencies of Moore’s Law into Synthetic Biology; with each iteration profoundly advancing the entire ecosystem
— C. Powell Esq. (Director of BiPlastiq)